Month: July 2019

small mammals

Rabbits | Small mammals

Rabbits (Leporidae) Rabbits or Bunny are small mammals with great looking personality, they have long ears, bush-like short tails and have small beautiful eyes. They belong to the family of Leporidae, originates from the word “Lepus” which is a Latin word used for hare. A male rabbit is called aRead More

zebra finches

Zebra Finches

Zebra Finch Birds There are hundreds of species of finches, Zebra Finch is the most common species of finch which can be kept as pets in homes widely. The scientific name of Zebra Finches is Taeniopygia guttata, and known by the most popular species among all other species of finch.Read More

demoiselle crane, birds

Demoiselle Crane

DEMOISELLE CRANE (Anthropoides Virgo Linnaeus) Demoiselle cranes are famous due to their long migratory distances, these birds cover a long distance when they migrate from one place to another place. The scientific name of Demoiselle Crane is Anthropoides Virgo Linnaeus, it is the smallest crane bird in the Crane birdRead More

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Pet Finch Birds Finches are the small size birds which are generally kept as a pet in homes and known as pet birds finches. The scientific name of finches is Fringillidae, and belongs to Estrildidae family of finches. Pet birds finches are small birds which are actually active and funRead More

cocktail parrot, birds, cockatiel

Cocktail Parrot

Cocktail Parrots Cockatiels are the most famous home pet parrots. The scientific name of cockatiels is Nymphicus hollandicus, the subfamily is Nymphicinae and the species is Hollandicus. A cocktail parrot is a bird that is a member of the Cockatoo family and on the second stage in popularity after theRead More

alexandrine ringneck parrot, birds


Alexandrine Parakeets(Alexander): Among all the different species of parakeet’s Alexandrine parakeets is one of the largest species. The Latin name of Alexandrine ringneck parakeet parrot is Psittacula eupatria. Alexandrine parrots belonging to Pasittacidian family, which is named after Alexander the Great, who born in 356 B.C. He sent Alexandrine parakeetRead More

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Rainbow Lories

Rainbow Lories Parakeets: (Trichoglossus moluccanus) Rainbow lories parakeet are also known as Trichoglossus moluccanus. These parrot indigenous to or found in Australia, Indonesia, Polynesia, New Guinea and also in Southeast Asia. Lories parrot mostly found in typical forests like cloud forests and lowland forests. Lories parrots are also found inRead More