Month: August 2019

how to understand happy cat behaviour

How to Understand Your Happy Cat Behavior

How to Understand your Cat Behavior Cats are intelligent and are the most common and popular pet in homes for many years. Following are the ways in which we describe how can you know the behavior of your cat is happy or not by their activities. Cats have their ownRead More

cat as pet, pet mammals, cats

Cat as Pet

Cats (Felis catus) Cats are small mammals, which are carnivorous (meat-eaters). The cat belongs to the family of Felidae. Cat is the most famous pet animal, the bond between cats and man is very strong since the start. The family of cat separated from the other mammals many thousand yearsRead More

ducks pets

Duck as Pet

Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) In birds’ ducks are also included and these are the type of birds, which are known by their diving ability. Ducks are also known as “Waterfowl” as they are found in areas where there is water such as a lake, river, ponds even in seas. In WaterfowlRead More

pigeons frill back

Frillback Pigeons

Frillback Pigeons Frillback pigeons are popular due to their beautiful curl, frill, and twist on the shield wing feathers. They also have curly foot feathers or muffs as their hair end is in the form of curls. These frills or curls is due to a ruffling of feathers which isRead More